• This past Memorial Day weekend, Antje competed in the 35th Annual Kerrville New Folk Competition down in Kerrville, Texas. In the singer-songwriter world, this is one of the top events which for 35 years has picked some of the top future songwriter stars. Out of 800 entries, Antje was named a WINNER of the best New Folk competition joining the ranks of former winners, Ellis Paul, David Wilcox, Nanci Griffith, Steve Earle, James McMurtry and John Gorka among others. Congratulations, Antje!

  • Antje's first studio-produced album, Big Dream Boulevard, is out NOW! The praise from radio and the media is flooding in! Get your copy now from CDBaby.com, or download a digital copy from slabster.com.

    1. Dandelion
    2. Go Now
    3. Diamond On Your Hand
    4. Jerusalem
    5. Sex Bandaid
    6. Helpless Kiss
    7. Judas
    8. Pearls
    9. South
    10. Anna
    11. Hold On

  • Antje is now on MySpace! Visit her page and add her to your friends list at http://www.myspace.com/antjeduvekot.